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Phone systems

Phone systems

Traditional phone systems: choose a handset, install a phone line, create a bespoke call package which suits your organisation's needs and it's on with business as usual.

Hosted VoIP phone system

Hosted VoIP phone system

Hosted phone systems use your internet connection rather than needing a phone line. They are often a more cost effective solution and are ideal for organisations requiring less than 25 extentions.

Mobiles and tablets

Mobiles & tablets

From Apple to Android, we offer a comprehensive range of mobiles and tablets which can seamlessly integrate with your phone system.

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We believe the technology choices you make should empower your organisation; whether that’s by removing a pain you’re currently experiencing or improving your current methods of working. Whatever the reason for change, we’ll help you embed it,
so that you see a real return on your investment. Learn more about HPT >>

First things first, how are you?

You may be here because you know exactly what you need and want to check we offer it (I'm sure we do).
Or, like many of our customers, you might have a problem which needs fixing - and not a clue where to begin. And that's OK too.

So, if it's the latter, take a deep breath and relax. You're in safe hands.

At this stage, you just need to answer one question - do you have a working telephone? If so, use it to call us on 01233 225 618 and we can have a friendly chat about what your pain is and see if we can come to a solution together.

What we have in store for you - all good things, promise!

Consider this list a conversation starter. So, if you see what you're looking for - and equally if you don't - then we'd love to hear your story.

We're not going to pressure you or hassle you for a sale.

In fact, that's the opposite of what we believe. We just want you to get to know us better so that you can decide if we'll be a good fit to work together.  Whether that's over a quick call or a cup of coffee...let's talk.

  • Mobiles, tablets and other devices
  • Mobile device management
  • Non geographic numbers
  • Call recording
  • Call logging and reporting
  • Inbound number routing
  • Disaster recovery services

You still need convincing, right?

The very least you'd expect from a telephone company is that they sell telephones.
We know this alone won't position us as a good fit as your partner, so here's a few more reasons why we're worth a chance.

We are real people

Real people

Yes we are. And we're not real people based in a foreign call centre either. In fact - we're not even a call centre. We're a local office based in Ashford, Kent. You ring a local number and get through to one of our team  - usually Maria or Katie. Give it a try - ring them, say hi.

We offer bespoke packages

Bespoke  packages

We don't all fit into size 10 clothing, so why should all organisations fit into one-size phone packages? We offer bespoke solutions to our clients - from what functionality you need, to how many calls and minutes you want to pay for. You tell us what you need and we'll measure you accordingly.

You want a technology partner who understands your business

Your Technology Partner

Your Technology Partner should know your business as well as you do. How else can they offer advice that's in line with your unique goals and challenges? We take the time to understand where you want to be tomorrow, so that you make the right choices for your phone system - today.

Dedicated account managers for our clients

Dedicated Account Manager

We match each of our clients to a dedicated Account Manager; a single point of contact for all things HPT. Think of this person as someone who's on your side. They know you, they know your business and they are there to make sure you're happy.

A great relationship starts with a single conversation. Let's have one.