hpt | why we're different?

Why we're different to other technology providers

Everyone will tell you they're different - even us! And although these differences can seem textbook, there are some reasons which will have a significant impact on your bottom line - and it’s these that you should give real consideration:

We’re a safe and secure choice
It’s no good investing in a technology solution for three to five years, if the company supporting you won’t be around that long to honour their commitments. It’s re-assuring therefore to know, that HPT are part of the DMC Canotec Group. This relationship makes us a secure choice.

Our service is all inclusive
When it comes to technology partners, this is one area you need to check carefully. You may think that everything is included. But when it comes to installation, you may find there are a few surprises. At HPT, we not only make sure the products we recommend are going to be right for you in the long-term, but we also take the time to fully plan and execute your project; from initial site surveys, risk mitigation, installation by experienced engineers, training and support. We ensure that we consider every aspect of your project to make it a success – and our service is backed up by unrivalled guarantees to make sure every customer is happy.

We offer a one-stop shop for your technology needs
Why do we believe this is important? Because it means one phone call if anything ever goes wrong. No buck passing between companies, no confusion over who you should be speaking to. We take full responsibility for getting you back to business as quickly as possible, offering a single support package to cover your phones, internet, IT and devices. With us, your communications can become like your gas at home - they just work.

We’re fully located in the UK
This one is often overlooked, but if a problem arises you want to know who you can speak to, to get ‘back to business’ as quickly as possible. Many larger providers locate their sales office in the UK, but their customer support is managed overseas. Our Ashford offices handle all aspects of our customer service; from initial sales to on-going support so to us, you’re a customer – not just a number.

A great relationship starts with a single conversation. Let's have one.