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Which connection type is most suitable for my organisation?

We offer four main types of internet products: standard broadband, fibre broadband, ethernet leased lines and fibre leased lines. Between them, they offer business internet solutions for almost every premise type and organisation. Identifying which is right for you will depend on a few key factors.

You can see a comparison of our products on our business internet services page. Alternatively, the below serves to give you an idea of which product may be most suitable for you.

Number of people / devices using the internet
When thinking about this number, also think about the number of concurrent connections you can expect, as more often than not, people now have two or three devices all accessing the internet at once. Go ahead and estimate this number, then be sure to add a few more to allow for guest WiFi access too.

  • 0-10 people / devices: We recommend Standard broadband

  • 1-25 people / devices: We recommend Fibre broadband
    (call us to check this product is available in your area)

  • 10-30 people / devices: We recommend Ethernet leased lines

  • 10-100+ people / devices: We recommend Fibre leased lines

How secure it needs to be
If you’re handling sensitive information, you may need to consider a dedicated connection type which will limit the exposure of your data.

  • We recommend Ethernet leased lines or Fibre leased lines

How reliable it needs to be
Nowadays, most internet connections are pretty reliable. But when they do go down, it can cause havoc across your organisation. If your business requires internet connection 24/7 at all costs, then you will need to consider a dedicated connection type which is supported by a guaranteed service level agreement.

  • We recommend Ethernet leased lines or Fibre leased lines

How heavy the internet use is across your company
People use the internet in different ways. ‘Basic users’ tend to use the internet for email and web browsing only, while others stream high levels of content and regularly access webinars and videos. ‘Power users’ will be downloading and uploading information, as well as all of the other activities. Understanding how many of each type of user you’re supporting is important to understand before considering which connection type is right for your organisation. You’ll also need to give thought as to whether you’re supporting any cloud based applications or technologies, as this type of software uses the internet to host/connect users to your information and as such, you’ll require more bandwidth to support such assets.

  • Mostly basic users:
    We recommend Standard or Fibre broadband

  • Mostly power users:
    We recommend Ethernet or fibre leased lines

To learn more about our products, check out:

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