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What is the Cloud technology?

When it comes to technology, this is a word you’re likely to keep hearing. Whilst cloud technology is not a new thing, advances in network and internet performance have made it a more viable option for organisations than it has been previously.

Simply put: Cloud computing is accessing computing resources from another location using the internet.

Some of the most popular examples which you’re probably already using without even noticing are applications such as Drop Box, YouTube, Facebook, Google images and more. Every time you upload an image or a file from your phone to an application, you’re essentially placing it into the Cloud.

So how can cloud technology benefit your organisation?

The options when it comes to cloud technology can be vast; from remotely locating your entire servers in data centres to storing company data using applications such as Microsoft SharePoint. Just how much you invest in the cloud will be down to your individual circumstances and business objectives. However, many key benefits will be the same regardless of how little or how much cloud based technology you choose to embrace:

  • Data is stored remotely so no matter where you are - as long as you have an internet connection – you can access it.

  • Because data is stored remotely from your office, in the event of a disaster such as fire or theft, it’s protected.

  • The cost of cloud technology is usually lower when you take into account all of the factors involved: from initial cost, storage costs, updates and maintenance, resource to manage and energy costs.

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