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I’m moving offices / setting up a new premises

If you are moving offices or setting up a new premise, then internet and phones are usually two of the first services you’ll think of connecting. If such services are not already provided for, then there are a couple of factors that you’ll need to consider:

  • What connection speeds are available to you at your new location?

  • What type of/how many lines do you need to support your services?

Understanding which type of internet connection is most suitable for your organisation is your first step. We recommend you start by considering the following questions:

How many people / devices you need to support?
The more people or devices online at the same time, the higher performance internet connection you’ll require.

What activities you regularly use the internet for?
If you or your team are regularly uploading or downloading large files, such as streaming videos or working in the cloud, then you’ll need to choose a product which offers higher speeds to cope with this type of use.

Whether you’re supporting cloud based applications?
If you support cloud based technologies such as a hosted business phone system or Microsoft Office 365, then you’ll need to consider the number of internet connections you’ll need, as well as the performance of these lines.

Once you have an idea of your individual requirements, you can have a look at our products to see which suits you best. We have created a helpful free guide: selecting the right connection type to get you started, alternatively you can compare the features of each of these products on our business internet services page.

Fibre broadband is rolling out across the UK. This supports higher upload and download speeds than traditional standard broadband, but is not yet available in all areas. To check if it’s available at your new premises, contact us on 01233 225 618 or complete our enquiry form confirming your postcode and address.

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