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Offsite Disaster Recovery (DR)

There are two main types of disaster recovery; offsite and cloud based. Which is right for you will depend on several factors: how much and what type of data you are looking to protect, your recovery time objectives, budget, performance, security and compliance to name a few.

Colocation is a form of offsite disaster recovery, which allows you to replicate an existing server in a secure, off-site location for back up, in the event of a fault or total server failure. Organisations can choose colocation solutions to replicate their data or simply mirror an existing server for easy restoration. As opposed to completely outsourcing your disaster recovery, colocation means that you retain control over your DR.

If you currently have no disaster recovery plans in place, or if you are looking to review your existing measures, then we can help take you through the factors you need to consider. Give us a call on 01233 225 618 or complete our contact form and we can help step you through the process. Alternatively, to learn more about our DR solutions, continue reading.

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Colocation services

Our HPT data centre provides a secure environment to host your own internal servers and networks. 

Colocation services

Services include:

  • Servers physically located within a locked, access-restricted room

  • CCTV protection

  • Temperature controlled environment

  • Network equipment connected to un-interruptible power supplies

  • Automated backup

  • Device monitoring

  • Graphing services

  • Hardware and software support contracts

  • Adhoc technical consultancy

To learn more about our data centre or colocating services   contact us on 01233 225 618.

Cloud based disaster recovery

Cloud based data recovery allows you to protect your production environment with minimal upfront costs.
You can replace or improve on your current setup with newer functionality, often with no capital investment. 
It’s also incredibly flexible in terms of scaling.  Learn more >>

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