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Networking services

Today’s IT demands are putting more pressure on the backbone of our networks than ever before. With more and more data being created, transferred and uploaded, it only takes one or two heavy workloads to create bottlenecks and slow your entire network down.

What’s more, with organisations needing to access data externally, your network isn’t just in demand – it’s also exposed. Protecting your assets and ensuring your security is working hard enough for you can be a challenge. But luckily, there are plenty of solutions available to keep you, your team and your data – safe.

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Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

One of the biggest challenges faced by an organisation is keeping individual computers/laptops up to date. From applications to security, when you’re dealing with multiple machines, it’s a time consuming and resource heavy process – and this is only amplified when your team work remotely.

RDS enables your IT support (whether this be an internal team or an external partner) to manage a centralised server rather than several computers. Applications can be installed onto this environment which remote users can then use to access them. When updates are required, you only have a single machine to look after, rather than having to  repeat the process several times over. 

This is incredibly valuable when talking about security updates, virus protection and the like, as instead of relying on individuals to keep their machines protected, you know that they are always up to date.

Organisations whose team work remotely, often see the greatest benefit of RDS; especially those with individuals working on both workstations and laptops. By implementing a terminal services environment, remote users benefit from a consistent experience cross all of their devices.

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Disaster recovery solutions

Although we never like to think about the worst happening, not planning for such an eventuality can be fatal for your organisation. With so much of our data stored online; from customer information, applications, file infrastructure, contracts and more, if your servers were to come under attack or be destroyed – could you recover?Online_ServerStack_disater_recover.png

Having a plan in place for such disasters is more than common sense and it’s more than just an insurance plan – it’s peace of mind that your business could be back and running with a defined time frame, should be worst happen.

There are many options which you can consider to protect your company and its data. From on-premise and cloud based recovery solutions, through to colocation, where you run a carbon copy of your server in a remote location – we have options to suit your individual requirements, and budget. 

Network and data security

As more and more organisations open up their private networks to the internet, the risk of access to internal data by hackers, increases. As does the risk of unauthorised distribution of confidential information and/or unmanaged or dangerous web surfing by employees. Security solutions from HPT help cover two aspects of security; control of access which governs who has access to which of your devices, and control of content which monitors the content of packets going through your network.

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