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Access control

You want your team to be able to access your network from wherever they are working. But this doesn’t mean you want just anybody to be able to gain access to it. Once your network is open to the internet, protecting it from intruders is essential.  Controlling access to your network is achieved via firewalls.

Firewalls control the flow of traffic between the internet and your internal data / infrastructure. They accomplish this by enabling barriers at the access points between these two gateways, and use a combination of several methods to enforce security policies; from access lists, application gateways and proxy services.

Firewalls can be configured with a set of rules that define which types of traffic are permissible and usually provide access controls on a per-user or per-application basis. For example, a firewall can detect and deny access to unknown internet protocol (IP) addresses to prevent hacking.

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Content control

As the internet becomes more vital to our working lives, the risk of malicious content across our networks increases. Websites designed to install malware onto company devices are on the rise, so too are harmful viruses, files and spyware. With so many threats and so many entry points onto your network (by the increasing number of devices across your organisation) how can you ensure you’re protected?

Content control solutions operate at many levels to ensure information flowing in and out of your company is not illegal, confidential or malicious.

This includes:

  • Anti-virus scanning of web, file transfer protocol (FTP) and email data packets.

  • Junk email management

  • Content analysis

  • Java applet and script blocking

  • Cookie management

  • URL blocking

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