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My WiFi keeps on dropping out

It used to be that an organisation would support one desktop PC/MAC per user. Add to that a couple of servers and printers and the hardware supported by your network was fairly static. But with the boom of mobile technology, that all changed. You’re now in a position where you’re likely supporting several devices per user; from a desktop PC/MAC, to a laptop, business and personal mobiles as well as WiFi printers and cloud based technology. So, is it any surprise that your networks can struggle to keep up?

Many smaller organisations are still operating on the original network and WiFi infrastructure they had several years ago and yet they expect the performance to be the same. With much more hardware to support - all trying to access your network at the same time - it’s no wonder that our WiFi connection can sometimes struggle.

So, what can you do?

Technology has moved forward. There are now a wide range of routers and access points available which offer higher performance and reliability across your WiFi network, as well as extending your coverage area.

To learn more, check out our WiFi and networking page, or contact us on 01233 225 618. We can chat you through your options and help update your network so that it starts working as hard as you do.

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