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My team need to be able to work remotely

As business is shifting to a 24/7 model, we are finding more and more of our clients have a need to provide remote working environments for their teams. When it comes to IT, this often means providing laptops and storing company data within cloud technologies. But when it comes to telecommunications, how can you receive calls to your landline number anywhere in the UK? Or easily transfer calls between team members who are all working from external locations?

There are several answers to the above questions and which is right for your organisation will largely depend on the number of remote workers you are supporting, your budget and the number of features you want your phone system to retain whilst in and out of the office. 

Hosted phones often offer the most flexibility in terms of supporting this type of model. Why not learn more about our hosted phone system or alternatively, give us a bell on 01233 225 618 or complete our contact form and we can chat through your individual requirements.

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