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My internet is too slow

If you’re struggling to work online, then chances are your internet connection is not suitable. There are several potential reasons for this, but the most common is that your connection type is simply being overloaded by the amount you’re trying to get done.

Internet connection products usually tell you the maximum upload and download speeds you can expect to achieve. The higher the number, the more ‘bandwidth’ you have to play with. When you have too little bandwidth, this is usually when your internet runs slowly.

There are four main types of product that we offer:

  • Standard broadband

  • Fibre broadband

  • Ethernet leased lines

  • Fibre leased lines

Which is right for you will depend on several factors:

How many people / devices you need to support?
The more people or devices online at the same time, the more bandwidth you’ll require to support everyone – without a loss or impact on your service speeds.

What activities you regularly use the internet for?
If you or your team are regularly uploading or downloading large files, such as streaming videos or working in the cloud, then you’ll need to choose a product which offers higher speeds to cope with this type of use.

Whether you’re supporting cloud based applications?
If you support cloud based technologies, then each time you or your team access these applications, you’ll be eating into your bandwidth, resulting in slower speeds.

Once you have an idea of your individual requirements, you can have a look at our products to see which suits you best.

We have created a helpful free guide: selecting the right connection type to get you started, alternatively you can compare the features of each of these products on our business internet services page >>

A quick guide to your choices for Internet
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