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My phone system is no longer supported

If you’re using an older phone system, it may no longer be supported by the manufacturer. This means that, should you experience any issues or faults which require new parts, you may find they take a long time to source or the repairs are not economically viable. So what can you do?

Well, you could continue as normal in the hope that the above situation doesn’t arise. Many companies are happy to work on an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ basis, but there are several risks you run by doing this. Most obviously, when the inevitable finally does happen, you may be without your phone system for an unquantified amount of time. How much of an impact this will have on your organisation will depend on how critical your phone is to your bottom line. For some companies, being without a phone for as much as an hour can be damaging.

If your phone system is no longer supported but working, you are in a pro-active situation, so we suggest that you use this time wisely. Research your options. Look at the types of phone systems that are available, view the features they offer and highlight those which are most valuable to your organisation. Speak to different providers and see what they recommend in terms of products and solutions. You’ll often find that you can get a brand new system at a comparable cost to what you’re currently spending supporting your old system, but with the benefits of newer features and newer technology.

Why not check out our ‘I need a new phone system, but don’t know where to start’ page to see a feature comparison table between the three most popular options. You can always give us a call on 01233 225 618 for a quick chat, or to arrange someone to come and see you and review your current setup.

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