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I’m moving offices and/or setting up a new premises

If you are moving offices or setting up a new premise, then phones and internet are usually two of the first services you’ll think of connecting. If such services are not already provided for, then there are several factors that you’ll need to consider:

  • Do you have an existing phone system that you need to move / integrate?

  • What type of lines do you need installed to support your services?

  • What connection speeds are available to you at your new location?

Moving an existing phone system
If you’re migrating an existing business phone system, then ensuring you have suitable infrastructure in place to support it will be your priority. You’ll need to consider where your hardware will be re-installed, if there are suitable connection points throughout your premise for extensions, sufficient internet speeds to keep you up and running etc. Such a migration usually takes careful planning and execution.

If you need any help moving an existing system, we’d be only too happy to help ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible; from assessing your current setup, surveying your new premise and handling all aspects of the move itself – even testing your product upon completion and offering a free 28 days snagging to ensure you don’t experience any issues.

Setting up a new system
Setting up a new phone system can be a more cost effective option when moving premise – even if you already own the hardware in your existing location. This is because the costs associated with migrating your existing setup can be higher than the cost of a brand new system. You also benefit from the latest technology and features.

If you’re not already sure what type of phone system is most suitable for your organisation, then check out our comparison guide: I need a new phone system but don’t know where to start

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