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Mobile Device Management

Similar to parental controls, mobile device management allows you to govern the mobile devices across your organisation. The specific models and technology you own – be it Apple, Android or Windows - will depend on the features available to you, but at athe most basic level, mobile device management provides you with increased security across your fleet.

How does Mobile device management work?

Every device has its own unique identity known as its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This 15-17 digit number allows individual devices to be paired with a mobile device management control panel, providing an administrator with access to certain features of the device. Typically, mobile device management software allows you to:

  • Manage all devices from a single platform

  • Delegate multiple levels of administration

  • Set policies across specific levels

  • Centralise the management of device inventories, reporting, updates and installs

  • Remotely configure devices

  • Deploy applications and lockdown devices

  • Place restrictions across devices and their use of applications

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Why is Mobile Device Management important?

Whether you’re an IT Manager or a business owner, ensuring your mobile devices are protected is an important consideration – especially as company data moves into more of a cloud model.

Often, devices are setup to automatically connect to an organisations network, posing a potential security risk should the device fall into the wrong hands. Equally, you could be landed with a high bill if the device is lost and not locked.

Whatever your area of concern, if you have more than fifteen mobiles within your organisation we would highly recommend investing in mobile device management software, as it:

- Makes updating devices a simple and quick process

- No need for the physical devices to come into the office.

- Allows you to track devices

- Helps you monitor your team or locate a misplaced device.

- Ensures peace of mind should a device become lost

- Lock the device and/or erase the device settings to prevent unauthorised users

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