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Microsoft SharePoint

When it comes to file collaboration and sharing, Microsoft SharePoint leads the way. Part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, it provides an infrastructure to which all company data can be stored centrally, allowing your company files to be accessed from any location.

Consider this:

With so much technology now in operation across a company, what would happen if a device such as a laptop or workstation was lost, stolen or became un-recoverable? How much important data could be lost? If an employee could no longer attend work, would you be able to pick up where they left off? How many copies of the same document exist across your organisation, each with minor changes?  When files are stored locally on individual’s machines, this is a real risk. 

By ensuring that all of your company data is centralised on an infrastructure such as Microsoft SharePoint, you reduce this risk.

Data can be regularly backed up and accessed from any location, so if a device was to go missing, nothing would be lost (except the cost of replacement).

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The benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has many benefits:

  • Create folder structures exactly as you would on your own network

  • Set permission levels at a folder and file level

  • Users can ‘check out’ documents for editing to ensure only a single version of a document exists – with no risk of overwriting changes.

  • Files can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Easily access your Microsoft SharePoint newsfeed using the Microsoft SharePoint mobile app, available across various devices

  • Drag file structures from Microsoft SharePoint onto your computer for easy access

  • Enhanced security

  • Search files...and much more

Microsoft SharePoint can be purchased as a standalone offering, in the Cloud or as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

Many organisations already have Microsoft SharePoint as part of their Microsoft Office licence, but are not using it or seeing the business benefits. If this is you, then speak to us 01233 225 618.
We can review your existing setup and help migrate your data onto Microsoft SharePoint. More importantly, we can help you to embed this change across your organisation so that something you already own, can start making a difference to you and your bottom line.

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