Making more of the business telephone system for businesses in Kent and the South East

Technology has turned the telephone from a relatively basic communications device into a multi-dimensional business tool capable of making a real contribution to your bottom line. Many features are now included in office telephone systems – everything from audio and video conferencing through to call recording and the convergence of fixed and mobile systems. One of the key advantages of today's systems is their capacity for change and growth without your having to contemplate migration to new equipment. The first step in turning the promise of the telephone into reality is to instigate a business communications cost analysis.

Further stages in the same process include consideration of the many benefits of hosted telephony and the part that mobile services can play in enhancing your staff's productivity and efficiency. Our role as a channel partner of Gamma Telecom, one of the country's leading mobile virtual network operators, enables us to offer important advantages in terms of system integration, billing, pricing and contract terms.

HPT have delivered benefits like these to many customers across Kent and the South East, including those in education, healthcare, the law, construction, motor dealerships, accountancy firms and financial services, charities and specialists in marketing and research.

HPT – the obvious choice for business telephone services and IT in Kent and the South-East

hpt overviewHP Technology is a specialist provider of telephone, IT and hosting services across the South East of England. We're part of the Hobbs Parker Group of companies with a pedigree stretching back to 1850, based in Ashford in Kent. Today, more than 1,000 businesses rely on our expertise, from large, established businesses through to smaller, but just as ambitious, local enterprises and institutions.

Our crucial aim is to reduce the direct and operational costs of business communications, whilst boosting quality, functionality and effectiveness – everything in short that translates into real, bottom line benefits.




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