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I want to be able to control our company mobiles remotely

If you’re managing a fleet of mobiles, then retaining control is often an issue. From the obvious security risk of mobiles going missing or being stolen, to more advanced settings such as controlling the use of apps and data across the business.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) can put you back in charge by allowing you to control individual handsets by registering their IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) with your parent panel.

Once a mobile is linked, you can then control features such as locking the phone in an emergency, or tracking its location. The exact features you benefit from through Mobile Device Management (MDM) do vary depending on the handsets you’re supporting, but the basic features below work on Apple, Android and Windows phones.

  • List device information

  • List network information

  • List installed applications

  • Show device location

  • Manage device

  • Erase device and settings

  • Lock device

  • Unlock device

  • Change passcode

Apple (iOS) phones currently have the most feature rich mobile device management software. If you’re supporting Apple devices then Mobile Device Management (MDM) offers sophisticated features such as being able to restrict the use of apps per user, restrict certain features to specific timeframes, monitor usage across individual devices and more.

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