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Welcome to our video tutorials.  We are in the very early stages of  developing these tutorials but they are designed with you in mind.  We want to make your life easier so your staff can find as much instruction online as they possibly can. Over the forthcoming months we will be developing  the support section of the  website and we welcome your thoughts and ideas on what you might like to see here.  Just email us using the contact form with any ideas you may have.

Meet our support team

Jason Andrews

Neil Heskett


John Everson

Luke Brown


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Maria Hajduga

Katie Dowling

Terry Lloyd


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At HP Technology you will know each member of our team by name as we want to understand your business  in the best way possible.   Our support team has a weath of experience across telephones, broadband and IT services and we ensure that they are always up to date with the latest technological developments.  You won't find a more helpful or friendly team in the industry.

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