Why HPT can help you

Like modern cars, most modern telephone systems will do what you want them  to do.  The trouble is that each GP surgery is unique with its own quirks and ways of doing things. Too many technology suppliers focus on features, technical specifications and jargon. 

Our first priority is to talk to your practice managers, receptionists and doctors to find out what you are striving for in terms of your new phone system.  Usually, this is a combination of improved service standards and efficiency, including integration with EMIS and other patient systems, value for money and the reassurance of a proven reliable system.

We have installed phone systems into dozens of GP surgeries over the last 15 years or so.  We have captured much of our experience and best practice in our “configuration templates for GP surgeries”.

We will use these as a starting point when discussing how best to configure a new phone system for your surgery.  These templates cover a number of important areas, such as:

  • Manage the 8.00 am rush
  • Make effective use of direct numbers to reduce the demand on reception
  • Automatically change incoming call routing to cope with training, bank holidays and emergencies


"We have recently had a hosted telephony installation by HP Technology.  This system has improved our ability to communicate efficiently and the capacity for additional features on the system will enable us to provide a better service to our patients. The installation was uncomplicated and the team was helpful and professional"

Stovell House Surgery



 "With our new phone system the 8am rush suddenly wasn't the 8am rush anymore"

Whitstable Medical Centre


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