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How can Microsoft Office 365 benefit my organisation?

When it comes to business applications, Microsoft are the market leader. Most organisations are familiar with the Microsoft Office suite of products, but aren’t necessarily sure why Microsoft Office 365 could benefit them.

The first thing to understand about this new product is that it is cloud based. This means that you do not own the software. Whilst this may seem like a disadvantage, by allowing Microsoft to retain control over their product they become responsible for ensuring it’s always up to date. This is a big benefit over the previous traditional versions of Microsoft Office, as it essentially means your product will never become obsolete or go out of date. You’ll always be running on the latest version which will always have the latest in security and performance updates.

The second point to consider is cost. You pay for Microsoft Office 365 on a per user / per licence basis. This gives you more flexibility in terms of financing the product as you can essentially pay for Microsoft Office 365 on a monthly basis, positioning it as an operational cost rather than a capital expenditure. This means you don't need to find significant budget to roll out the latest version across all of your teams.

If these two reasons alone don’t convince you it’s worth considering, then we’ve written a free eBook - Thinking about using Microsoft Office 365 which includes a myth busting Q&A on the product, as well as providing additional information on when existing Microsoft products will no longer be supported.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about the product and which licence option may be best for you, visit Microsoft Office 365 licences or contact us on 01233 225 618 or via our contact form.

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