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Hosting is the easy way of managing your IT needs. The alternative to ‘doing it yourself’ or completely outsourcing, hosting is an attractive option because it has lower costs and doesn’t involve a high capital investment. You also maintain a greater level of control and flexibility than outsourcing your operations.

From shared servers, to dedicated servers we offer several options for you to consider. It’s really just a case of telling us what you need and if you don’t know, simply tell us what you’re looking to achieve and we can fill in the blanks.

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About our hosting environment

HPT hosting environment

Our virtual hosting service allows any VMware / Hyper V compatible server to be hosted within our secure, resilient network. This service is fully scalable and flexible. By hosting a server at our data centre you effectively remove on-site storage and energy expenses and benefit from increased security and reliability. Our HPT data centre provides a secure environment to host your own internal servers and networks.  Services include:

  • Servers physically located within a locked, access-restricted room

  • CCTV protection

  • Temperature controlled environment

  • Network equipment connected to un-interruptible power supplies

  • Automated backup

  • Device monitoring

  • Graphing services

  • Hardware and software support contracts

  • Adhoc technical consultancy

Built in Disaster Recovery (DR)

Our Hosted Intelligent Virtual Environment Disaster Recovery (HIVEDR) gives your organisation the ability to get back up
and running in the event of a disaster, eliminating the stress and inconvenience associated with data loss.

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