hpt | GDPR & privacy

HP Technology takes its responsibility to protect personal data seriously and therefore welcomes the opportunity to work within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In May 2018, we conducted an internal audit across all businesses processes; identifying how and when personal data is obtained, how it is used/shared both internally and externally and how it is stored, ensuring that only relevant personnel have access to the corresponding systems.

What data do we collect?

HP Technology only collects information necessary for us to deliver services to our customers. This information is limited to business specific data and includes:

  1. Organisation name, address, telephone numbers, website, industry sector, company registration, VAT information, financial information for the payment of services, contract information, list of products supplied/maintained by HP Technology and renewal dates of services.

  2. Individual contact information for key personnel, including contact name(s), position, telephone numbers, email addresses and authorised signatures.

  3. Information required for the maintenance and provision of customer products and services, which may include password files, backups of customer configuration files and customer data files.

  4. We record all incoming and outgoing calls into HP Technology to ensure we provide the best possible service to our customers.

  5. We use cookies on our website to improve the experience we offer to customers. These cookies are managed by HubSpot and serve to identify products that interest you, so that content can be tailored to your exact requirements. Personal contact information is only collected if a user populates a contact form. This information is stored securely within our website database, which is hosted via HubSpot.

How is your information used?

We use client data only to provide the services and information requested by our customers, to respond to customer communications and to provide support to users of our services. We process client data solely in accordance with directions provided by the applicable client or user.

Where is your data stored?

Client data is stored within our secure server-infrastructure. Access to client information is controlled internally, with access only granted to authorised personnel and via the means of regularly updated security credentials.


We may use a contact's email address or other information to notify customers about updates, promotions or events relating to HP Technology’s products and services. Customers have the ability to opt-out of receiving promotional communications, however customers are strongly advised to remain subscribed to service emails which advise interruptions or scheduled updates affecting your service(s).

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