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Business internet services

Business internet services

Whether you're looking to setup a new connection, upgrade an existing line or simply find out what options are available, your  quest for fast, reliable internet
starts here.

WiFi and networking

WiFi & networking

There's no need to be tied down. Our wireless internet options can keep you online whilst you get on with your day. And with managed firewalls and routers, you get peace of mind that you're safe and secure whilst you're connected.

Stay connected

Stay connected

Our support options provide the re-assurance that, if any problems do arise with your internet or networking services, we'll take care of you and get you back online as quickly as possible.
No hassle. No fuss.

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We believe the technology choices you make should empower your organisation; whether that’s by removing a pain you’re currently experiencing or improving your current methods of working. Whatever the reason for change, we’ll help you embed it,
so that you see a real return on your investment. Learn more about HPT >>

So, how can we help you today?

If any of these sound familiar then rest assured, you've come to the right place. From setting up a new connection or improving your current service, we can chat you through the process.

If  you'd prefer to  talk to a real person, then why not give us a quick bell on 01233 225 618.

Otherwise, have a look at the details below and see which option you think suits your organisation best.

Life is all about choices...but informed choices are best

From ADSL to FTTC - there are several options when it comes to an internet connection for your business or organisation.
We've simplified these options into key features to make it easy for you to choose the one which is right for you.

Standard Broadband


Suitable for:            1-10 users

Prices from:                
£16.99 -£54.99 per month

Download speed:         
Up to 24MB

Upload speed:    
Up to 2.5MB


Ideally suited to small businesses, our standard broadband is the most cost effective solution for getting your organisation up and running online.

Since bandwidth is shared, speeds can vary during peak times. As such, we do not recommend this product for businesses that permanently rely on a strong connection.

There is no service level agreement (SLA) offered with this product.

Fibre Broadband


Suitable for:            1-25 users

Prices from:                
£30.99 per month

Download speed:          
Up to 80MB

Upload speed:   
Up to 20MB


If you're a small to medium sized organisation who relies on the internet for day to day business, then our fibre broadband is a good choice for you.

With better than average upload/download speeds, this product will keep you online - even at peak times.

Please note - This product is not yet available in all areas. Please contact us to check. There is no service level agreement (SLA) offered with this product.

Ethernet Leased Lines


Suitable for:            10-30 users

Prices from:                
£150.00 per month

Download speed:            
Up to 80MB

Upload speed:   
Up to 20MB


Ethernet lines are a premium internet product. They offer increased security across your connection and superior reliability compared to standard or fibre broadband.

Our leased lines come with a service level agreement (SLA) which means that if you are not getting the connection speeds outlined in your contract, we will endeavour to remedy this within an agreed time frame or fix it if you lose your connection.

Ideally suited to businesses who deal with sensitive information, or those who support cloud based technologies.

Fibre Leased Lines


Suitable for:           10-100+ users

Prices from:                
Ask us for a quotation

Download speed:            2MB-1GB+

Upload speed:    


The Rolls Royce of internet connectivity, our fibre leased lines offer unrivalled performance; with same speed uploads and downloads. This product will support larger organisations for whom internet connection is business critical.

Secure, reliable and with a solid service level agreement (SLA), you can be confident that this product will keep your team online and your data protected.

Ideal for organisations who deal with sensitive information and/or supporting multiple devices, cloud technologies etc.

If you see what you're looking for - and equally if you don't -   give us a call on 01233 225 618 and we can chat through the details

What else would you like to know?

We know that broadband probably isn't the most exciting purchase that you're going to make this year. But it's also not a decision you should take lightly, since it can make the difference to your business being online - or not. So why consider us as your provider?

24/7 support from HPT

 24/7 Support

Our ADSL managed service option is there to give you complete peace of mind. With 24/7 support, no call out fees and no charges if BT are required, it's the hassle free way to stay online. For more information on this service, check out our support page >

You want a technology partner who understands your business

Your Technology Partner

Your Technology Partner should know your business as well as you do. How else can they offer advice that's in line with your unique goals and challenges? We take the time to understand where you want to be tomorrow, so that you make the right choices for your internet - today.

We are real people

Real people

Yes we are. And we're not real people based in a foreign call centre either. In fact - we're not even a call centre. We're a local office based in Ashford, Kent. You ring a local number and get through to one of our team  - usually Maria or Katie. Give it a try - ring them, say hi.

A dedicated account manager for our clients

Dedicated Account Manager

We match each of our clients to a dedicated Account Manager; a single-point of contact for all things HPT. Think of this person as someone who is on your side. They know you, they know your business and they are there to make sure you are happy.

A great relationship starts with a single conversation. Let's have one.