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Cloud solutions

Whether you are looking to deploy a private cloud in house, via colocation or leverage public cloud solutions, we have the experience and facilities to ensure your move or extension into the cloud, is a seamless one.

What is cloud computing?

Simply put, cloud computing is accessing computing resources from another location using the internet. Traditionally, organisations would house their IT infrastructure (servers, software applications, backup etc) in a room in their office, but as the need for infrastructure grows, this becomes a more expensive option in terms of storage, maintenance and security. Although cloud computing isn’t a new thing, improvements in connection speed and storage capabilities have made it more accessible and reliable, and due to its cost effectiveness, it has seen a rise in popularity.

What cloud services do we offer?

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Microsoft Office 365

One of the most popular cloud products on the market at the moment is Microsoft Office 365. Unlike traditional versions of Microsoft Office which you purchase and install locally, with Microsoft Office 365 you purchase a licence which allows you to access the Microsoft suite of products via your internet connection. Since the software itself is hosted by Microsoft, they constantly update and improve the product meaning it will never go out of date.

There are several licence options available to suit organisations of all sizes, and several products can also be purchased individually.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure which allows you to develop and manage applications and services through their network of MS managed data centres. Rather than having to worry about operating systems, security, scale etc., Azure lets you concentrate on what is important to you - your application.

Due to the flexibility of the platform, Azure is a leading choice for many organisations. Not only does it support many programming languages, tools and frameworks, but it provides both Platform as a Service (PAAS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) services. Call us on 01233 225 618 to learn more, or complete our contact form and we'll call you back.

HPT Data centre services

Our custom built data centre provides many of our clients with a cost effective entry route into cloud computing. It can be expected to provide the very latest infrastructure, highly experienced personnel and a choice of service levels that will reflect your business’s needs, not only today but also into the future. We offer two routes to enhancing your businesses infrastructure: Hosting or server co-location. Each solution has numerous service levels to support your particular requirements.


Online_ServerStack.pngVirtual hosting allows any vmware / hyper V compatible servers to be hosted within our secure, resilient network. This solution builds on rapidly advancing virtualisation technology to bring your organisation many economic and operational benefits.

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Server colocation

Online_ServerStack_Cloud.pngServer co-location allows you to replicate an existing server is a secure, off-site location for back-up, in the event of a fault or total server failure. Co-location can be used to replicate data or simply as a mirror of an existing server for easy restoration.

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