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Business mobiles

People want different things from their mobiles. Some want a phone which is simple; allowing them to make and receive calls, texts, emails and sync their calendar. Others want to be able to download the latest apps and stay connected to social media. However you use your mobile, there is one thing which is more important than any feature or function – and that’s signal. After all, if your phone is out of signal, you aren’t connected.

Our roaming service ensures you’re always connected to the strongest UK network.

The good news is that the days of balancing phones on windowsills or struggling for one bar of signal are over. Our new roaming service ensures that you are always on the strongest network available - whether it’s Vodaphone, O2, EE or 3 – even if you’re not signed up to that operator. Ideal for organisations who are located in rural areas, or who travel frequently.

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Ten reasons you should consider a hosted phone
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Mobile Device Management (MDM)
What is it and why do you need it?

When you have a fleet of business mobiles, it can be an arduous task to keep them updated. You may want more control over company mobiles and how they are used, or you may simply want to protect your company data should a phone get lost or stolen.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software which can put you back in control.

Similar to parental controls, they allow you to control individual devices from a central login. Restrict the device's functionality, lock the device remotely, device tracking and more. In organisations of more than 15 devices, this software is highly recommended.

Sample features

  • List device information
  • List network information
  • List installed applications
  • Show device location
  • Manage device
  • Erase device and settings
  • Lock device
  • Unlock device
  • Change passcode

Are you team Apple or Android?

Everyone has their preference when it comes to mobiles. From the big players like Apple and Android, to the more recent Windows and Google phones, each has their strengths. When it comes to choosing a mobile for your organisation we can offer any existing handset on the market.

Whatever your decision will be led by, whether it's cost, features or style, our team can chat you through the options available and help you find the device which is right for you, from phones to tablets. Call us on 01233 225 618 or use our contact form to get in touch.

Call and data bundles

Gamma Telecom are a leading UK Network Operator who provide a wide range of voice, mobile and data services through channel partners such as HP Technology. Via Gamma, we are able to offer our own tariff packages and flexible contract terms, as well as full control over options such as minute/data bundles, roaming and more.

But what does this mean to you?
It means that you have the freedom and flexibility to choose your own call tariffs. From the number of minutes you require each month, to international bundles, contract length and roaming services – our packages can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. What’s more, you get the personal service and attention of an independent provider, but with the performance of a leading network operator.

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