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Broadband cover

HPT broadband cover

For more information on our ADSL cover, contact our team on 01233 225 618. 

Below is an outline of our standard broadband cover package. However, as with all HPT support, we can tailor our contracts to suit your specific level of requirement.

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  • ADSL managed service
  • ***
  • Fully managed service
  • Includes any calls and fees to BT
  • Includes any onsite visits
  • 24/7 cover

BT fault finding

When your phone or internet goes wrong, you want it sorted as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your day. It can therefore be frustrating when the source of the problem can't be quickly identified. Our HPT support contracts are there to cover the goods and services which we supply to you, but sometimes the issue is out of our control.

So, what happens if the fault is with your BT Line?

If a BT Openreach engineer attends site and diagnoses a fault, no costs are incurred. However, if the fault is intermittent or they are unable to confirm a fault once onsite, then they may pass on a £130 charge to you.

From just £1.50 a month, you can add our BT fault finding service onto any of our support packages.

Should a fault occur which needs investigation, HPT will cover the Openreach call out charge. This means you have one less thing to worry about and we can make it our focus to get you back to business as normal - as quickly as possible.

Why not contact us on 01233 225 618 for more information.



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