HP Technology becomes part of DMC Canotec

On 6th June 2018, the DMC Canotec Group (DMC) completed its merger with HP Technology (HPT), a privately-held company based in Kent. HP Technology offer future-proof telecoms services to businesses in the South-East. Their bespoke, cloud-based telephony platform enables organisations of all sizes to benefit from flexible, scalable and secure telecoms with a cost-effective solution.

Top Tips for Keeping Children Safe Online

Despite constant developments in the education and healthcare sectors, being a parent in 2017 is no easier than it was fifty years ago. After all, no matter how safe, healthy and happy our children are, we’re still hardwired to worry about them.

Today, parental concerns are often centred around the internet. Just recently, it was announced that UK police are trying a new tactic with people who have viewed child pornography online – instead of making arrests, they are simply knocking on doors and issuing a warning.

News like this will make many parents want to ban their children from the internet altogether – but that’s not a realistic solution in most cases. Instead, parents can establish the following guidelines about internet use, so their children can browse safely.

Why I.T. is the fourth utility

IT is now considered the fourth utility after gas, electric and water; it has to ‘just work’ because it is integral to the everyday running of your business and here is what you have come to expect for good reason...