The rise of Office 365

Posted by HPT Know How on Jul 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Over the last few years, Microsoft Office 365 has become the go to product for businesses looking for an email, calendar and document management system that will never go out of date.  Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based system. Companies purchase a licence for the software and then use an internet connection to access the products and services they require. This means that their version of office will never become out of date as Microsoft retain ownership of the software and regularly update it with the latest upgrades and security.

Aside from the obvious benefits of not having to regularly update the software, Microsoft Office 365 is particularly useful for companies who have staff members who work from home, on the road or from their clients' offices. Microsoft Office 365 stores all email in ‘the cloud’ making it easily accessible from wherever your staff are. There's no requirement for awkward VPN connections and access doesn’t depend on how your office server is functioning.

The move to cloud-based technology is not a new phenomenon, it is a reoccurring theme within lots of areas of business technology.  Today business telephony technology is cloud based, as well as IT and this is helping to make businesses more mobile, more efficient and increasingly technologically focused.

Office 365 is a very simple tool to use - but finding the right version of the product to suit your business can be difficult.  It can depend on whether your staff already have up-to-date versions of Microsoft Office on their PCs, whether you need email and whether you wish to make use of other services like Microsoft SharePoint.

There are four main options to choose from.

  • Exchange Online - email service with 50GB mailbox, no versions of Office included
  • Office 365 Business Essentials - email service with 50GB mailbox and online versions of Office
  • Office 365 Business - no email service, fully installed and online versions of Office
  • Office 365 Business Premium - email service with 50GB mailbox, fully installed and online versions of Office

HP Technology can guide you through all of the options and make sure that you get the right version of Microsoft Office 365 to suit your purposes.

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