Top considerations before purchasing mobile phones for employees

Purchasing mobile phones for your staff is an expense that many businesses think twice about before making the final decision. The following is a list of jobs that would really benefit from having a mobile phone and should help you determine if the benefit of the mobile phone outweighs the cost for your business.

Why you should move your business to the cloud

You often hear the term ‘cloud computing’ but do you know exactly what it means? Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on the internet.  Historically applications and programs would be run from physical computers and servers but cloud computing enables people to run these same applications through the internet.Businesses rely on cloud computing at many levels – whether it be reading and writing emails on the move or checking bank details on a phone, chances are that cloud computing is part of the process.Cloud computing brings many benefits to businesses:

Choosing the right mobile phones

Not so many years ago the only viable option for a business smartphone was Blackberry. So much has changed since then and other companies have overtaken Blackberry; Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and others are all looking for a piece of the lucrative business smartphone pie.

Benefits of EMIS Intergration technology

The HP Technology system interfaces a phone system with an EMIS patient database and ultimately connects a contact management front-end to the EMIS patient information, offering an excellent dashboard for outbound/inbound communication with the capacity to take brief contact details.

A beginner's guide to cyber security

Most people think they know what malware is, but do you really know the different types of malware and do you know how to protect yourself and your business from these threats?  Below is a brief explanation of the kay things to look out for.

Cloud technology is the future in dentistry

Dental technology has been slow compared to comparable professions but it is moving forward.  Cameras are now used to take impressions, scalpels are being replaced with lasers and the time is drawing closer where it will become more important to move from traditional dental practice management to a cloud-based alternative.

Top Tips for Keeping Children Safe Online

Despite constant developments in the education and healthcare sectors, being a parent in 2017 is no easier than it was fifty years ago. After all, no matter how safe, healthy and happy our children are, we’re still hardwired to worry about them.

Today, parental concerns are often centred around the internet. Just recently, it was announced that UK police are trying a new tactic with people who have viewed child pornography online – instead of making arrests, they are simply knocking on doors and issuing a warning.

News like this will make many parents want to ban their children from the internet altogether – but that’s not a realistic solution in most cases. Instead, parents can establish the following guidelines about internet use, so their children can browse safely.

Smartphones are on their way to revolutionising healthcare

It’s been 10 years since the launch of the smartphone.  Today we often take them for granted but the capability of a smartphone includes: huge computing power, internet connection, many sensors for health-related data and a touch-screen capability.

Is a telephone system a telephone system or a communication tool?

In discussions with a client the other day about their new system, it quickly became clear that it was more about how staff were going to use the system – who was going to answer the phone when reception could not handle the calls, where would the overflow go, would some staff resent this – as it was what the system could do.
Ensuring that the phone system works for the business, the staff and most importantly the customers is what HPT focus on. Can we make a difference to your business? Doing this bit right means the system will pay for itself several times over. And understanding how your business works is something that HPT spend a lot of time on. Time spent on this area will reap dividends for your business.
So ask is your supplier going to stick the system on the wall and walk away or are they really going to make sure that your business processes adapt accordingly. Then the system becomes an investment and not just an overhead.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get

I can’t take credit for this quote; it was actually Warren Buffet to whom this quote is attributed. But it is a sentiment to which we are all exposed in our everyday life. Whether flying with Ryan Air or Virgin, travelling on public transport, buying insurance, etc. We must always check what we are actually getting as part of the package. Direct Line have begun to stress what is included in the price because they are not the cheapest and do not want to be. But they are probably quite good value.

At HPT, we do not aim to be the cheapest but we do aim to be good value. Our packages include everything you will need because we do not want to have to say after you’ve agreed to go ahead, oh, that’s not included or that’s extra. Our service alos aims to make your life easy so you don’t have to worry about anything. What value would you put on trying to sort out the problems with your telephony or IT when you have been let down versus paying a little more to have the peace of mind that your technology is in good hands? And what impact would it have on your business? Quite a bit I imagine…