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Technology is an enabler.  What you need is passionate people who  understand your business, where
it's going and who talk your language.  
HP Technology are the premium business telephone, broadband and IT services provider in Kent and we want to talk to you about your business


For GPs and healthcare

Your doctors and patients deserve an efficient, reliable and cost effective telephone system.  HPT understand how to balance the needs of your patients with the demands on your doctors and staff.

"Our new system has improved our ability to communicate efficiently and the capacity for additional features on the system will enable us to provide a better service to our patients. 

Stovell House Surgery



For schools and academies

The education sector is contantly facing changes and challenges . We understand the challenges of providing education services within the context of today’s demanding environment.

"we have been working with HPT for over 15 years and during that time they have implemented two phone systems and provided excellent support"

Tubbenden Primary School



For modern businesses

In an increasingly competitive business environment you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors.  We can provide you with reliable, feature-rich technology for your business with the addded support of our friendly and experienced engineers.

"The initial stages of the install were fluid and relaxed and the engineers communicated in a language that we could understand "



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Technology doesn't power businesses - people do.

We've been in this business for a long time and if there is one thing that we've learnt it's that people power businesses - technology is simply there as the enabler for them to succeed. It doesn't matter whether you're a school or an accountant, healthcare provider or estate agent - it's all about getting the right technology fit for your team. We've helped plenty of organisations in your position before, so why not trust us to help you too.


A great relationship starts with a single conversation. Let's have one.

High performance, cost effective telecoms and IT systems for Education, Healthcare and Modern Businesses in the South East

"We'll take time to listen and understand" 
So we can recommend a solution that will work for you. A solution that will make your customers and staff happy and efficient. A solution based on leading, but proven, technology at a good price. And we will be carefully planning each stage to ensure success and reduce risk.

We are based in Kent and look after over 600 schools, doctor's surgeries and professional businesses in the South East and London